Saturday, 1 November 2014

Project Noir Desire Needs Your Help!

The band have just launched a new campaign and it needs YOUR help! As those of you who are familiar with the latest album, the Attraction of Opposites, there is a song entitled, Noir Desire. This song will form the soundtrack of the new video clip. Here is Giulia (And trusty Butler, Mr Boogie) to tell you more about the campaign and what is in it for you.

So if you are a fan of 40s and 50s Noir style, then you may be interested in this project. It's not all just about metal, but about art and creativity and now is your chance to be a part of a cool and ambitious project. As Giulia has said, the video clip will include actors and a cool film Noir style set. You could score yourself a walk on part but places are limited! There is a chance to actually be involved with the project in many different ways. Even if you cannot help with financially backing the project, there are many ways to help promote it, via social networking and any other means, just help spread the word.

So what makes a Noir style Movie/Video?


Lighting is critical to pulling off a great Noir

So what next? 

Good question! What you need to do now is head on over to the Music Raiser, Ravenscry campaign page, check out the cool rewards that are available and back this great project! I'm sure with everyone helping out, the Noir Desire video clip will be killer good and it won't take a detective to figure that out!

Listen to Noir Desire

Right! Let's GO!!

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