Thursday, 28 February 2013

Calling all Androids!

I am sure many of you Android phone owners are starting to notice an app called Google Play Music. If you have not, where have you been? It's not only an Itunes alternative, but it offers you the option to upload 20,000 tracks from your own music collection, be it on your pc or on your phone, you can back them up to Google music. All you need is an internet connection on your phone and you can access and play your tunes. Pretty cool! You can also download the tracks to your phone.

All you need to do is

1. Get the Android app here in the play store. Download and install it.
2. Download and Install the Google Music client for your operating system
3. Open the client, select folders to scan for music, and the client will begin to add tracks from your pc to the app.
4. Once completed, (it may take a while depending on how big your music library is) Tracks will be available  to play on your phone app over an internet connection. Or you can download tracks from it to play offline.
5. Purchase and download Ravenscry - One Way Out album for just £6.49 or equivalent depending on region. It really is worthy of being in your album collection. Take my word for it!

Ravenscry - One Way Out on Google Music

Be sure to leave a review of the album! That's it! Enjoy and Stay Raven!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ravensworld: News Wrap February

So here is a round up of what's been going on in the world of Ravenscry.

Callioping far away and beyond

The second Video clip from the band which was released in August of last year has hit 39,000 views. Not a bad return so far! Remember guys to keep sharing the vid and introduce the band to as many people as possible! What are your thoughts on the vid?

Great Scott Marty We are sending you back to the future!

So what else I hear you ask? Well the band went on to post up this pic on the facebook page at the end of January with a cryptic message (what are we doing?). Since the band really seem to love creating guessing games for the fans, it took a few days before all was revealed. However, this pic really seemed to stir the imagination of the fans, who tried in vein to explain just what the hell was going on.

Some of the theories bordered on the down right eccentric! Here are some of the best ones.

A flux capacitor
A badass movie setup
Unpacking presents
A machine with many buttons
Converting awesome to digital format
Christmas decorations
Home made explosive device that looks like a Christmas Tree and functions like a flux capacitor
A comment controlling device designed to only work around Christmas trees. If set to a volume higher than 3 it explodes back to 1985.

I can reveal that it was indeed a flux capacitor. I can also reveal that It is not.

Here is what was going on when the pic was taken. A new promo ad for their latest endorsement. Enjoy!

Poetic Masterclass

Any poetry lovers out there? Well here is another piece of art inspired by the band. It's great to see people getting creative and penning some inspired poetic artworks. This is Angels Cry, by Johara San.

Angels Cry

Clouds cover the sun
The road is hard to find
The rain keeps pouring down
Air is frozen
Seen with every breath
My body so numb
I fall on my knees

Wanting to reach out
But the road is gone
No path way to me
I wont be found

An Angels Cry
Heard from the heart
Each tear falls
Frozen to the ground
An Angels Cry
Heart from the heart
Shattered into nothingness
Hear the Angels Cry

Simon drum clinic 

Yes he's back with another drum clinic. We first saw Simon rocking his way along with the song, Nobody. Now he's back with new gear, and yes, the thousand faces return! This is Simon with Back to the Hell.

It's show time!

Not long to go now until the band are back on stage. They will be appearing in Cremona, Italy March 9th. Those of you who will attend, hope you have a blast and make sure to get lots of pics and vids. Italian metal band, All the Right Sins, will open the show, so here's a little shout out to them and a little taster of what to expect.

Visit their facebook page to learn more about this talented band.

This is the first gig of the year and there is some really interesting news coming to the surface. Ravenscry will play 5 new songs! Yes you read that correctly. Great times are coming ahead as we look forward to more live shows and new material.

That's a wrap folks! More news to come soon, so keep spreading the word and stay Raven!