Sunday, 22 July 2012

You totally need this! Exclusive promo pack available

Not got One Way Out yet? Shame on you! But you are getting another chance to redeem yourself and get hold of a copy of the CD. Not only that, the band are offering some extra goodies! For 25 Euros you are getting:

The One Way Out CD
Bonus Track (Nobody Video)
A T-shirt
And a little random gift :) 

Grab it here!

The new T-shirt design

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Nobody Technical Guitar Cover

You all need to check this out! Absolutely superb cover and video. Hail to you guitar Maestro Tom!

Get practicing if you want to be able to play as well. You not only have the cover but also the breakdown on how to play the song. Enjoy!

You can check out Tom's channel for other great works! Keep rockin man!

More teasers

As we know the new Video Clip for Calliope is due out soon. Here is a little teaser. Let's see for how long you can stare in to those eyes. Be careful though, I accept no responsibility if you lose your mind. More news to follow!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Redemption I - Rainy now has a video!

A fan made one that is! That fan just so happens to be me. I tried to do this great song justice and with respect tried my hand in fitting a video to the soundtrack. So I am proud to bring you, Redemption I - Rainy, the unofficial concept music video. Hope you like it.