Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Positive Reviews and Comments Are Coming in

We are a couple of days away from the Official Launch of The Attraction of Opposites, but there is some great feedback coming in with reviews and comments both highlighting what stands out from this fantastic release. Here is a brief snapshot and summary about what makes The Attraction of Opposites one of the finest, most varied and well produced albums out there in 2014.

Ravenheart Music

"This album, their latest offering will be released on the 27th May and contains 13 tracks of Melodic Modern Rock & Metal with subtle Electronica influences and some slightly more laid back moments, all spanning close on 55 minutes - so you do get your monies worth. I may well have said this before, but I do hear Jennifer Rush influences within Giulia's impressive vocal style. The album meanwhile, is consistently good from start to finish, although there are standout tracks like the mid tempo 'Alive' (great sax), the catchy and pulsating 'The Big Trick', the rather good 'Cynic', the riff tastic and Metal sounding 'Noir Desire' and the Melodic closer 'Real Lies"


Thor from Norway

"Surprisingly hard and outstanding well made album"

Raihaan from the UK

"It transcends genres and styles. This is musical excellence personified"

Metal Temple New Zealand

"Attraction of Opposites" is a brash, bigger, more mature and more diverse than "One Way Out", which was already an excellent piece of work. For the unfortunately unaware: picture a Melodic Death Metal band with an exceptionally skilled, female clean singer, and you have the Italian enigma that is RAVENSCRY."

Rock Rebel Magazine, Italy (Italian)

Translated excerpt from review

"Absolute priority to the roar of scratchy "Missing Words " godmother track of the disc you want to why it was chosen as the first single (with an ever-present video clips) , or because the band is at 100%. Of course, the rest of the tracklist boasts the vital energy of frontwoman Julia and comrades, see the adrenaline- charged and engaging " Your Way " and " The Big Trick " provided that, in the latter , there is a final calm where you can breathe an atmosphere of mystery adventure . The pokerissimo composed of "Luxury Of Distraction ," "The Witness" , "Third Millennium Man" and " Ink" has the distinction of being able to hit hard while maintaining a softer pace , thanks to the powerful touch of the two guitarists Raimondi and Paganelli for each track serve as a true backbone . Impeccable as the two poignant ballad " Alive" is a thrill initial symphonic sealed by simply wrapping a refrain , while the closing " RealLies " makes us live the sounds of Evanescence with intelligent originality."


Mathias from Sweden

"Thanks to the many variations in "The Attraction of Opposites" This is an album you can't get tired of."

Dageisha, Italy (Italian)

Translated excerpt from the review

"An album that is opposite and complementary elements , the reality of dualism . A reality in front of which we make choices which inevitably lead to suffering. And ' this is the concept that ties the thirteen songs and , if you like, also describes the ability of the band in question to change a script which for some is tested and therefore immune from significant innovations . The Ravenscry are proof that there is nothing for granted and have not only been able to maintain the freshness of ' One Way Out ' , the one that inevitably have lost colleagues like Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation committed to expand its fanbase abroad , but they were able to push on a higher level their songwriting."

Rock n Roll Circus Radio, UK

"Ravenscry have a melodic / symphonic background to them but with hard and heavy backing musically, this gives them a sound all of their own. For those of you that like bands such as Within Temptation, Nightwish and Evanescence but want more bite, look no further than Ravenscry to satisfy that hunger."

Cristián from Chile 

"After listening to our new album: "Incrediby strong record!! Very varied, rich, seriously polished, greatly mastered. Awesome."

So we hope you will check out, The Attraction of Opposites, after reading some of those comments and reviews, as the general sentiment so far seems to be one of high praise, genuine excitement and surprise. Our own review of the album will be up soon, and though we tend to be a little biased (wasn't it obvious?) we will try to give our impressions and thoughts, on what we think made this album a massive step up from One Way Out.

Stay tuned! Stay Raven \m/

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