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Interview with the band on Music in Belgium Webzine

Here is a link to the interview, though it is in French.

However I have provided a translated version right here. It is a rough translation, but it gives us English speaking folk an idea of what was said.

Ravenscry is, for now, the only Italian team announced on show at the PPM Fest 2014. Andrea 'Fagio' Fagiuoli, which combines the functions of bassist and manager, agreed to talk about his group.

Music in Belgium: Can you give readers Ravenscry Music In Belgium?

Ravenscry: Yes, of course. Ravenscry is an Italian Melodic Metal band. In 2011, we released an album entitled "One Way Out." Our music is based on a mixture of sweet and moments that reflect the contrasts that we live every day.

MiB: What do you think the name is best to define your musical style?

Ravenscry: Maybe Metal 'Ranvescryien'? (laughs). No, seriously, we do not like definitions. The best thing is to listen to our music and make your own opinion on how you feel our sound!

MiB : Why did you choose to call you Ravenscry ?

Ravenscry : It's just a cool name that Paul (NDR : Raimondi , guitars and programming ) has read in the book " Brimstone " by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child . There is really nothing special to say. I know it upsets you , but it's true (laughs) !

MiB : What are your main influences?

Ravenscry : We have a lot of individual influences that we collect in our songs . I think Ayreon , Soilwork , Meshuggah , Ludovico Einaudi, Metallica, Pantera , Fear Factory , Dream Theater, Symphony X , Within Temptation , to name a few.

MiB : What are the five albums without which music Ravenscry would not really been the same ?

Ravenscry :

Ayreon : "The Human Equation "
Meshuggah : " ObZen "
Metallica's " Black Album "
Soilwork " Stabbing The Drama"
Ludovico Einaudi : " Divenire "

MiB : What are the five most representative formations of the scene to which you belong ?

Ravenscry : Although it is not really easy to identify the scene to which we belong , I would probably mention a few groups mentioned above : Metallica, Within Temptation , Fear Factory. Perhaps Lacuna Coil , Nightwish , and many others .

MiB : What is your best or worst memory (optional) for the group ?

Ravenscry : It is very difficult to choose . But I think our Scandinavian tour is the best experience we have had as a group .

MiB : What are your plans for the future?

Ravenscry : We are working on the new album along with Roberto Laghi and Dragan Tanaskovic . We come out in 2014 and then we will promote . Does it seem to you like a good plan ?

MiB : What do you expect from your performance at PPM Fest ?

Ravenscry : As Giulia (NDR Stefani , vocals) are played with Dreamscape , we already know what we can expect : a great crowd, a great festival and great people . It will be fantastic and we will give the best of ourselves !

MiB : Finally : Is there a specific question you would like me to ask you and I have forgotten ?

Ravenscry : Yes : Do you have good beer in Belgium? And the answer was : absolutely , yes!

Full details on the date and exact time of delivery Ravenscry will be available on the official website of PPM Fest.

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