Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cremona Live Video footage

Here you go, the band have delivered and rocked in italy last Saturday. How about some real footage of the gig? I am sure you are dying to check it out? You will be pleased to know there is also new material along with the old favourites. Enjoy!

I think the new material is sounding really great, All of what we love from the Ravenscry sound plus a beefed up and refined musical experience. I have no doubt all those who attended enjoyed the show immensely.

Here are some of the old favourites

That's a wrap for now. I Will try and dig up some pics. Are you all looking forward to the new album release? Well I hope this little teaser has wet the appetite for more Ravenscry. Share these videos and whatever you have and keep promoting the band. We can surely help spread the word. Stay Raven!

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