Friday, 12 October 2012

Ravenscry fans rock!

 Read this fan made poem, inspired by the song, Nobody.


by ~Syrazel

Underneath there might not be anybody,
Nobody remains.
After all the anger, the hate
And the games.
Do I dare give myself over to you,
Trust you to fill me up
In case I'm not there...

Every princess has her chains
Even if she's encased in armour.
Do I dare reveal myself
All the way?
Is there anymore than the gasp of a dying soul inside
Writhing in these daily wrenching pains?

Or is there nobody
At all~

In a world full of pain
Does anyone remember my soul's name?
Can they see it in my eyes when I don't speak
Or see it in my rage?
After everything done by them
And then finished off by me...

I know you care for me.
I know you want to do everything you can.
Dare I let you have your wish?
My soul, it could be barren.
It may have been me that ate it all,
But if there's some left, call my name...

Or is there nobody
At all~

Nobody to see me faltering here
Nobody to help me in my fear

Are you my somebody to hold me high
You wont be the somebody to leave me
To die?
Somebody to resurrect what might be lost
Help me find me in the dark
Bring back my smile
And soul?

Or is there nobody
After all~

I am sure that Ravenscry fans that are among us carry many talents, we would love to see some inspired works, fan art, poetry, videos, anything you can conjure up. Stay Raven!

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