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Wake up world! Interview with Giulia!

Here is the interview with front woman, Giulia of a band I do not need to introduce as you should all be familiar with by now. Well this is the only Ravenscry fan blog on the web! And we bring it to you straight up. Orginally posted in Italian on Rockambula webzine, I have a translated version here for English readers. Although not a perfect translation I made a few grammatical corrections to the questions and answers. Hoping that the overall message is still intact and clearly understandable. 

Interview with Giulia Stefani on Rockambula webzine.

The goals are achieved by sacrifice, by the force of will and determination. The band Ravenscry are successful with their capacity to achieve important goals. Speaking to Rockambula here is fascinating Giulia who will illustrate a bit about the path of the band.

First of all, can you go ahead and present Ravenscry to our readers?

Giulia: Why not? The project Ravenscry was founded in 2008, inspired by the wish histrionic talents of drummer Simon Carminati, sarcasm irritating bassist Fagio, charm misunderstood guitarist Mauro Paganelli, stability swinging rhythm guitarist Paul Raimondi and boundless passion for animals of the singer Giulia Stefani.

This "One Way Out" is your debut album, what can you say about it: how, where and with whom were you in all phases of recording and mixing?

Giulia: Well, so you force me to go serious! I will be a huge effort ... One Way Out is the result of a real team effort: the ideas proposed by some, were then developed with the contribution of all, enriching the background and the tastes of each one of us. On the production side, although we counted exclusively on our limited resources, we did not want to compromise on quality and we have used the expertise of leading professionals. With regard to the registration phase: Simone Simone Mularoni and Bertozzi Fear Studio and Dario Ravelli of Suonovivo, for the phase mixing and mastering: Fabrizio Grossi Sound of Pisces (Steve Vai, Slash, Cypress Hill, Alice Cooper, etc..) and Tom Baker of Precision Mastering (Judas Priest, Sevendust, Manson, Megadeth, and so on) in Los Angeles.

With regard to the promotion of the album as you are moving forward, what kind of work are you doing?

Giulia: Our main strategy is to establish, as far as possible, a report "human" with those who follow us and appreciate us, which no one can do for us! Our label works on less immediate targets but certainly the most important, such as promotional campaigns abroad addressing the press, the webzines and agencies to a certain level, which we could not reach with our own forces. Very intense and positive were those addressed to Germany, where our record is distributed by Soulfood / Sony BMG, beloved Scandinavia and Japan, where our labels, respectively, The Trip Records of Peter Uvén and Hydrant Music, worked in impeccably!
How do you rate the Wormholedeath and Dreamcell11? How was your collaboration with them?

Giulia: In part, I have already answered before. I can only add that, as can be intense was the work of the label, we are roughly as any underground band to the first disc.
As for the origin of our relationship, The record label were immediately enthusiastic on receiving our material, and together we developed a proposal for collaboration.

In your opinion, what was the live experience that struck you the most and I was impressed so far with the Ravenscry?

Giulia: Let's see ... There have been occasions during the tour in Scandinavia, where the audience was captivated, as if in a state of catharsis crazy, delirious bacchanalian expressing an absolute sense of freedom that only the music (and, let's face it , a little 'alcohol ...) can unleash. Difficult to give a precise date as it happened almost every night

How was your album received by the public and the critics?

Giulia: In discordantly, as expected! We have not chosen an easy road ... there are times when we, on the one hand, from the metallers pure blood, the other by the finest ears. But beyond this, it must be said that a great result was the sudden and growing interest of the public after the publication of the video for Nobody (and I do not believe that it is only because of the similarity of the protagonist with A. Hopkins ...: D). Besides the increase of German fans, English, Swedish, we have noted, in particular, an increase of contacts from South America and Russia, which pleasantly surprising given that there has been no promotion targeted at those areas ... Another surprise, the strong sales in Japan!

Which band do you dream of sharing the stage with?

Giulia: Some say that dreams are meant to stay that way ... others still faithfully trust in shooting stars, or in the first few bites of the fruits of the season ... I am in doubt, I'd rather not tell you!

Now would you like to express your personal opinion about the phenomenon of "Pay to Play", which seems to happen a lot in recent times. What is your opinion on this?

Giulia: My opinion on this issue is rather ... outraged! I'll be presumptuous, perhaps old-fashioned, but for me it is nothing short of absurd and contradictory condition of music (and, more generally, culture) is reduced to a mere commodity, in order to enrich the pockets of people who do not feel the least bit ashamed to call themselves " entrepreneurs "when it comes to music. Not to mention those who pretend to be benefactors. On the other hand, until we are convinced to make music our life, the possibility of such a compromise will always be lurking, and where in the game there really was a real possibility of a quantum leap, it is possible that, before or later, you are to give.

With regards to playing live what is on the horizon? Do you see yourselves playing at any of the festivals?

Giulia: Nothing has been arranged, but the answer to the first question I can give you some clues that are already precious .... Over and above live, I would like to take this opportunity to announce the upcoming release of the second video, which was chosen for the opening track of the album, Calliope, and in the meantime working on the new album. New album, new contamination ... ready to take them again and again.

Well Giulia, the interview ends here, wrap it up as you think best ...

Giulia: It 'was really a pleasure. Greetings to all the readers of Rockambula, with the promise of greatly exceeding, with the new album, their best expectations!

Full interview transcript with the original italian version here!

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