Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Paul is dissected with 10 questions!

The final stand off ensued as the dealer gave Paul (Guitarist) a cold stare. He was giving nothing away as he flipped over the card to reveal his hand. 19. In this game of chance one must be prudent in the face of adversity. The odds are favourable, yet the risk is high. He weighs up his options, stick or twist. He has his final throw. Sweat is pouring down the side of his head, but he steadies himself and motions the dealer to flip him a card as he doubled down his bet. Only a face card or a 10 will trump the dealer's hand. It arrived, as if in slow motion, it took an age to reveal itself. Those few seconds felt like hours. Paul had every emotion surge through his mind like a sudden pump of adrenaline coursing through the veins. This was it. It all came down to this last hand. Then as so often in life the choice that was made, revealed itself. Blackjack. Paul was vindicated in his actions and claimed his prize. 

Unfortunately for Paul, The Blackjack is our calling card and before he could raise his arm aloft to declare his victory, he found himself in a very dark place altogether. Clutching his victory card in hand, he was now a prisoner of the Raven's Shadow. Well played Paul. We began our mental dissection. 

1.Describe yourself in 5 words

palm-muting till the end

2. If you were an animal which one would it be and why?

An hornet, because:
"The wing structure of the hornet, in relation to its weight, is not suitable for flight, but he does not know this and flies anyway."

A. Einstein 

3. So you are walking in a desert, dehydrated and tired with no sign of life around you, but you MAY be close to some civilisation. A wise man appears and
offers you a bottle of cool refreshing water. Enough to last you a day or two, or a case containing $100,000,000 but you have to foresake the water, which do you chose?

the money! 
a- i'll burn $100,000 (with lenses of my glasses ) to make smoke signals 
b- I will wait for help 
c- I'll spend all the rest of the money 
d- fuck the water

 4. What famous person past or present would you like to have lunch with?


5. What did you imagine yourself being when you were younger? Did you always want to be a musician or had a totally different career in mind?

Music has been part of my life since I was a baby.. Yes, I always wanted to be a musician.

6. Do you think aliens exist? If you met one what would you ask?

Yes, and I am a big fan of Zakaria Sitkin and Alan F. Alford who wrote very interesting books on that topic.
I do not know exactly but I would ask him something about their technology.

7. What is your ideal way to spend an evening? go out or read a book, watch a movie etc?

if I'm alone reading a good book or playing some metal riff.
if I'm with someone ...... wait a minute... "etc" means sex? ;)) 

8. If you could time travel, what era in history would you like to visit?

I am very fascinated by the pyramids so I think I would be with Mauro.

9. Can you cook or are you a disaster in the kitchen? what is your signature dish?

I'm learning to cook, but nothing more than pasta.

10. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

to palm-muting under a bridge.

We sent him back, still with the card in his hand. The only difference was that the jack was not Jack, it was Paul, his picture replacing that of the original. An appropriate souvenir for such a chance encounter. Paul will make yet more choices as he ventures forward but we will be waiting for him. Whatever his next move, be it poker, chess,tic tac toe, we have his number and we're already ahead.

We are the Raven's Shadow, we hold the aces  

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