Friday, 8 June 2012

Just to follow on from the last post Nobody wins a couple of awards

Just yesterday I gave you an update on the view count for the Video reaching 400k views. Today there was some more news coming out of the band's Facebook page. Music social network, Beat 100 brings music fans, artists and bands together in one place and offer incentives to musicians for creating unique, original, exemplary  pieces of work. The good news is that the video for Nobody is starting to gain some attention, not just among metal fans but also music critics who are on the look out for creativity and something a little bit different. Well you will be pleased to know that Beat 100 recognizes, Nobody as deserving of such praise and has been given a gold award in two categories. The first is a song award for well written original song. The other Awarded for a high quality original video with good production values.

I cannot begin to say how happy I am to hear that the band have received this form of recognition in such a crowded music space. This is really a phenomenal endorsement to the hard work put in by everyone involved with Ravenscry.

Please share this news with others and take a few minutes of your time to sign up to beat 100 and vote for the video. Voting helps the band receive more incentives and rewards and will further help them stand out from the crowd. Here is the link to the band's page.

Why your vote is integral to the cause

Here is an explanation of how it works and what your vote can do in helping the band gain valuable GLOBAL exposure.

As you may well have worked out there are three prizes for the first, second & third videos in the Beat100 Music Chart. Whichever video claims the most votes will win a staggering $500 plus a place on a press release sent to worldwide media showcasing the winning act to industry from all over. Second place picks up a cool $300 whilst third place will receive a respectable $200, fourth & fifth place will each receive a handful of bonus votes to see them nicely into the months competition.

The Beat100 Music Video Awards are designed to recognize excellence.
The Beat100 Music video awards targets musical talent directly ensuring that the most talented artists or musicians are the most rewarded for uploading well written original songs, for displaying a strong vocal/musical performance, or for uploading an overall high-quality and well produced video. The mission of the Video Awards is to provide deserved recognition to those hard-working and creative musicians around the world.

To be certain that the most talented videos are being rewarded, Beat100 has introduced a system that awards bonus votes to uploads if they meet certain criteria. For example, Video Award (Gold) can be achieved by uploading the highest quality original video with the best production value. This prize will earn a Beat100 user a whole 25 bonus votes! Fear not though as there are many various bonus prizes to be won which can be viewed below: PLEASE NOTE - AWARDS CAN BE AWARDED AT ANY TIME.

If you follow this blog on twitter, And you believe in the band and like what they do, get your votes in. Give other fans a friendly nudge too so they can do the same. Just for future reference I have added the Beat 100 link in the navigation menu so that you can follow the progress. Stay Raven!

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