Wednesday, 23 May 2012

We put the band on the spot It's time for 10 questions!

First up, we have Andrea (Fagio) Fagiuoli, bassist of the band. We put 10 questions to him. Here is how he answered.

1.Describe yourself in 5 words

Fagio, bass player of Ravenscry.

2. If you were an animal which one would it be and why?

Probably a wolf because I really love how they live.

3. So you are walking in a desert, dehydrated and tired with no sign of life around you, but you MAY be close to some civilisation. A wise man appears and offers you a bottle of cool refreshing water. Enough to last you a day or two, or a case containing $100,000,000 but you have to foresake the water, which do you chose? 

 I chose the water, money is useless when you are dead.

4. What famous person past or present would you like to have lunch with?

Nikola Tesla.

5. What did you imagine yourself being when you were younger? Did you always want to be a musician or had a totally different career in mind?

Yeah, I wanted to drive bulldozers when I was young. About 3 days ago.

6. Do you think aliens exist? If you met one what would you ask?

Oh well, I think that the universe is so big that there probably are other life forms somewhere... but I don't think I'll ever meet one of them. If it would happen I'd probably ask him/her/whatever the time.

7. What is your ideal way to spend an evening? go out or read a book, watch a movie etc?

 A glass of good wine and some good air. Just before the concert I mean.

8. If you could time travel, what era in history would you like to visit?

I don't know, probably the 60s.

9. Can you cook or are you a disaster in the kitchen? what is your signature dish?

They say I'm good in cooking, well, I don't have a signature dish, but I really love pasta in every way :D

10. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? 

Oh well... I see myself driving bulldozers.

So there you have it, Fagio will be demolishing your home, in his intergalactic bulldozer whilst eating a bowl of pasta, drinking water and dreaming about meeting Mr Tesla once he has time travelled to the 60s. Once he is done, he will be drinking a glass of wine and breathing in the evening air before going on set to entertain you with his band.

Next week we'll track down our next victim! Stay Raven!

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