Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ravenscry now on Radio Gothic!

Radio Gothic

Some news to bring my fellow Ravenscry fans. I contacted Gothic Metal Radio (Czech) about adding Ravenscry to the playlist and they have done it! What I ask you to do now, is to vote on the following link. The more votes that are accumulated the more airplay the band will receive. Most of the site is in native language but signup instructions are in English. You need to sign up to vote (only takes a minute) 

Then Rate the band by clicking the rate link next to the band name. Then vote for a song. If a song gets enough votes within an hour it will be played. To Rate the band Vote for the song

You can also listen to Radio Gothic right within this blog by clicking the link to the web player on the side navigation bar under Metal Radio. Enjoy! And Stay Raven!

Update! We just got our first play! This is for real. I have just shown what can be done. Now lets attack the airwaves.

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