Monday, 28 May 2012

Ravenscry is now officially endorsed by Schecter Guitars

This was posted on the band's official Facebook page

Thanks to the collaboration with Gold Music S.r.l. (exclusive distributor for Italy) and thanks to Giovanni Salerno (Artist Manager), Ravenscry announces the endorsement deal with the American guitar manufacturer Schecter.

Paul Raimondi, who will be playing a Blackjack ATX C8 and a Blackjack ATX C7, stated: “As a rhythmic guitar player, and based on my style, I always needed powerful guitars with a sharp tone, built to emphasize the heavier palm-muting. Blackjack ATX C7 and C8 models have these characteristics. Last but not least: they have perfect finishing and beautiful “aged” colors. If you have to destroy… do it with style!”.

Mauro Paganelli will be playing a Hellraiser C8 and an Omen Extreme 7, he stated: “I’m extremely satisfied of this agreement with Schecter. I’m playing Schecter for 3 years now and I never needed anything else, because they have everything I need: neck comfort, aggressive and modern design, stunning reliability and durability. When you hold a Schecter you can only think about playing and having fun, because they will never betray you!”.

Picture by Luca Podda

See the full photoset on the facebook page

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